Testogen Review

The Good
  • Stimulates muscle development
  • Boosts overall sexual performance
  • Promotes optimal neural functions
  • Shortens workout recovery periods
  • Guaranteed results
The Bad
  • Relatively expensive, but results are guaranteed

Testogen is specially formulated to boost the production of testosterone. This supplement includes several unique and potent ingredients. A majority of the individuals who use testosterone boosters are men, probably because the hormone mainly affects the male features in the body. As men age, the testosterone amount produced in their body reduces gradually. This, however, does not mean that it is for older men only. Individuals who wish to enhance their performance and physical features, including athletes and bodybuilders, can benefit a lot from Testogen as well.

What Testogen Can Do

As mentioned earlier, Testogen is generally designed to help men restore their testosterone levels. By doing so, this product increases your stamina and endurance, allowing you to exercise harder and longer. 

Testogen also makes your skin firmer and healthier, improve your sleep patterns, increase your libido, and improve the quality of your erections. If you work out frequently, Testogen will help your muscles recover a lot faster after the workouts.

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Testogen Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic is an amino acid that is known to boost the production of testosterone in the body. Consequently, this ingredient enhances physical strength and athletic prowess.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another ingredient used in Testogen is an extract from the fruit of Tribulus Terrestris, a potent libido-enhancer. It also boosts testosterone production and alleviates inflammation. The extract can be used for managing mood swings.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a source of various essential minerals such as manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. This ingredient supports the healthy functioning of multiple organs in the body and enhances libido as well. 

The essential fenugreek function as an ingredient in Testogen, however, is to block DTH, an androgen responsible for the development of male characteristics. DTH is a compound of estrogen, which can result in enlargement of men’s mammary glands when present at high levels.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Testosterone usually tends to bind with the sex hormone-binding globulin (SBGH). When the binding occurs, testosterone becomes less potent, and its effects reduce significantly. The extract from nettle leaves inhibits the binding of testosterone and SBHG. This, consequently, allows these two hormones to maintain their full effects.  


Ginseng has been part of traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. It is considered an aphrodisiac and is a popular treatment for issues related to libido and erectile dysfunction. In addition to that, it also helps to increase endurance, concentration, and physical strength.


Selenium plays a vital role in the prevention of invasion of free radicals in your system. In simpler words, it helps to prevent free radicals from weakening the body and accelerating the aging process. Selenium also helps to boost the levels of testosterone and improve the production of sperms in men.


Bioperine does not particularly have a direct effect on your system. Instead, it enhances bioavailability. That means that it increases the ability and capacity of the body to absorb minerals and nutrients. It also ensures that all the other ingredients of Testogen are absorbed for maximum effectiveness.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb and assimilate calcium better, which in turn leads to better development of bones. It also boosts balance, muscle growth, and strength.

Vitamin K6

Vitamin K6 helps to increase androgen production in the body. Increased production of androgens leads to increased production of testosterone. It also helps to keep estrogen levels low in men.

Vitamin K1

This ingredient enhances the absorption of vitamin D, which has a direct impact on the production of testosterone.

Boron Zinc and Magnesium

These three minerals increase the production of testosterone. Magnesium, in particular, can increase the levels of testosterone by up to 30%.

How to Use Testogen

Testogen is consumed in capsule form. You should take four capsules every day. The most appropriate time to take the pills is about 20 minutes before taking breakfast. As a tip, resist the urge to exceed the manufacturer’s dosage, even if you do not see results as fast as you desire. And if you are under any other type of medication, consult with your doctor before you start taking Testogen.

Testogen Side Effects

All the ingredients used in the Testogen formula are natural and safe. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you are not likely to experience any concerning side effects. Some individuals, however, report experiencing erection more frequently than usual.

Testogen’s Pros & Cons

Testogen Pros

  • It boosts testosterone production in the body
  • All the ingredients used are natural and safe
  • It helps with muscle building
  • It enhances libido
  • It boosts moods and increases energy
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It has an impressive discount offer when you buy more than one bottle
  • It comes with a free nutrition guide and training

 Testogen’s Cons

  • You can buy it only from the official website
  • You have to take four capsules at a time
  • It is quite expensive when you buy only one bottle


Testogen is among the best testosterone booster available in the market. Based on effectiveness, it indeed is among the best that there is. The formula entails 11 ingredients, all of which are natural and very effective. The product seems to deliver on all the manufacturer’s claims, which makes it a worthy recommendation for anyone looking to try out a testosterone booster.