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Male Extra Review

Male Extra
The Good
  • Made out of natural ingredients, thus, no expected side effects
  • It triggers the secretion of testosterone
  • The ingredients used have been proved scientifically to be effective in giving great results
  • Works to increase stamina
The Bad
  •  It is a bit pricey, though worth it.

Men who want to enhance their sexual performance have more than enough options to try. Male Extra is a natural supplement that has consistently aided men who want to restore their stamina in the bedroom.

It is currently among the top male enhancement products in the market, thanks to its powerful formula that consolidates a variety of natural ingredients. 

Male Extra Supplements aid in sexual performance and to promote overall sexual health. All the ingredients used to boost sexual performance. And having a combination of similar ingredients is what makes Male Extra magical. 

This supplement will undoubtedly wow your partner and bring back the sexual spark in the relationship. 

How Male Extra Works

Male Extra is designed to increase both the vitality and size of a man’s erection, enhance stamina, and increase the intensity and duration of orgasms.

It contains reasonably high doses of powerful ingredients, including potent pomegranate. Some of the ingredients work to dilate the arteries and enhance blood flow, especially to the penis. By holding more blood, the penis becomes a lot harder and bigger.

Other ingredients ensure that you can maintain the quality erection for as long as you need by increasing your stamina, ensuring that you and your partner both get the most pleasure. 

You should note that the size of your erection will increase over time as you continue to use Male Extra. That is because Male Extra initiates cell-splitting, which occurs mostly during the time you have a hard erection. This biological process guarantees impressive erections even after you have stopped using Male Extra. 

Male Extra also increases the volume of ejaculations. That means that it will take longer to ejaculate, resulting in a more prolonged and more intense orgasm. There are some claims that it also helps to improve fertility in men by increasing the sperm count. For those looking to start a family, the pills can come in quite handy.

Male Extra Ingredients 

male extra supplement

The Orginal Male Extra

The ingredients used in Male Extra are all-natural and of top quality. That ensures minimum side effects, if any, and lots of male enhancement benefits. The main ingredients used are highlighted below. 

L-Arginine HCL

L-arginine HCL is the one ingredient that differentiates Male Extra from the other sex enhancement pills available in the market. It is a semi-essential amino acid, which is used to make proteins. 

When consumed, the body breaks L-Arginine HCL into nitric oxide gas. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It increases the amount of oxygenated blood circulated through the arteries. Increased circulation of blood to the penis is what leads to a bigger and stronger erection. L-Arginine is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid

This ingredient contains a lot of antioxidants, which helps to boost blood and get rid of free radicals. The ingredients also boost energy levels and improve erection quality. With it, the chances of suffering from fatigue amid sex are very minimal. 

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

This ingredient is generally used to support the health of veins and arteries, which in turn promotes proper circulation. Proper circulation is the key to having quality erections. MSM also helps to improve the overall condition of tissues and cells in the body, which includes the penis. 


This is an amino acid which is used to prevent the conversion of histidine into histamine. The higher the levels of histamine are, the quicker your ejaculation will occur. By preventing the conversion of histidine into histamine, L-Methionine keeps the histamine levels lower, delaying your ejaculation. That allows you to enjoy sexual pleasure for a much longer time. 


Zinc helps with cell division and enhances the functioning of the immune system. It also supports the enzymes that are responsible for building proteins and boost the secretion of testosterone as well. Testosterone plays quite an essential part of giving men sex drive. The hormone also helps to strengthen bone and muscles. By adding zinc as an ingredient in Male Extra, the manufacturers ensured that users get higher levels of testosterone. 


Cordyceps helps with sexual desire, arousal, and libido. It works by influencing the brain part that is responsible for those sexual functions. 


Also known as vitamin B3, niacin helps with the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels to boost the flow of blood into the penis. The ingredient also helps with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Top Benefits of Male Extra 

  • Bigger penis and longer-lasting erections

By using Male Extra, you will impress your partner by how big and strong your erection will be. All that will be attributed to pomegranate and L-Arginine ingredients, among others that are found in the pills, which work to boost blood flow in the body. 

  • Intense orgasms

Male Extra helps to boost libido, enhance sex drive, and increase the quantity of ejaculate. All those effects combine to ensure that you experience a long and intense orgasm. 

  • Higher sexual stamina

By maintaining the histamine in the body at low levels, ejaculation is significantly delayed. That allows you to last a lot longer in bed. The increased oxygen supply and energy also helps a lot with that. 

  • Boosts confidence

Some ingredients in Male Extra supplements help to enhance your morale in the bedroom. With increased confidence, you are likely to perform a lot better between the sheets. 

Cons of Male Extra Supplements

  • High price tag

The price of buying Male Extra supplements is more on the higher end; compared to other male enhancement products. That is probably due to the high quality of ingredients used. However, using the product daily can be a bit too costly for many people to afford. 

Final Words

Male Extra pills do work just as the manufacturer promises. That makes it an excellent purchase for any man looking to improve his game in bed. Despite being a bit expensive, it gives you a lot of value for your money. 

It is easily available in many stores that sell supplements. You can also place your order from the Male Extra official website, which will guarantee you genuine products at the best price. 

In case you have any cardiovascular condition, seek the opinion of a qualified health practitioner before trying out Male Extra.