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A Man’s Guide to the Best Male Enhancement pills 2020

happy couple in bedErectile dysfunction is one of the most frustrating conditions that a man can face in his life. While it remains a significant problem among men, only a few can come out in the open to seek proper medical intervention. Luckily, however, male enhancement supplements are there to help correct sexual dysfunction.

Why Male Enhancement Pills?

You’re probably wondering why men should use sex enhancement pills over lifestyle changes and medical procedures to improve their sexual desires. There are many reasons why supplementation is key in your quest to becoming an alpha male. From adopting a workout routine to eating healthy foods, research shows that the potency of natural male enhancement products gives them an upper hand, as far as combating erectile dysfunction is concerned. That said, here are some of the reasons why we advise men to use natural male enhancement supplements in 2020 and beyond:

  1. Increases blood flow to the penis

The main reason why a man wouldn’t perform better in bed is because of the lack of sufficient blood flowing to the penis. There can’t be a proper erection without blood flowing to the penis. So what sex pills do is to trigger the brain to improve blood flow to major organs. This, in turn, increases the volume of blood flowing to the penis, thus, improving the quality of your erection.

     2. Enhances the longevity of an erection 

Some men suffer from premature ejaculation, which still counts as erectile dysfunction because it compromises your ability to enjoy sex. Using male enhancement pills, however, works to improve both the quality and longevity of an erection, making a man last longer in bed.

     3. Improves stamina and endurance 

The pills are also useful in enhancing your stamina and endurance in bed. It is more than likely that a man using the best sex pills will make a woman more satisfied than a man who doesn’t use the pills.

Well, we could mention a million reasons why you should use male enhancement products to augment your sexual life in 2020 but the three mentioned are clear indicators of how these sex pills work.

Interestingly, however, some men have been using male enhancement pills but still recording low performance in bed. In our quest to establish the rationale behind this, we discovered that not all male enhancement pills are effective in addressing erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you need to know which male enhancement supplements work; otherwise, your quest for better sex life would be an exercise in futility.

We have taken it upon ourselves to help you find the best natural male enhancement supplements. We will review some of the best products in the market to let you know which of the male enhancement supplements you can use for the best sexual results.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

This review will capture the best male enhancement pills that guarantee users 100% natural ingredients. We shall discuss both the pros and cons of these top products in the market.

1. Max Performer

This potent product is manufactured by an England-based company, Silver Blade Nutrition. A clear note from the manufacturer is that the pills work to solve erectile dysfunction, size matters, loss of libido, and stamina. It is considered as one of the best sex pills because it has a wonderful formulation of ingredients that work to provide excellent results to users.

Ingredients used: some of the ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of this sex pill include horny Goat Weed, Cordyceps, Maca, Korean Red Ginseng, Iron, Zinc, Niacin, Bioperine, and Selenium.

All these ingredients are natural and do not pose any danger to the users of the pills.

How the Product Works

The manufacturer of this product understands well that reduced levels of the hormone testosterone primarily cause erectile dysfunction. While there could be natural ways of boosting the levels of this hormone in the body, other factors such as age, stress, and lack of exercise could become a great hindrance, hence, the use of Max Performer.

The product has 13 powerful ingredients that are capable of stimulating hormone testosterone in the pituitary gland. An increase in the level of this vital hormone makes it possible for blood to get to the male organ. According to the manufacturer, in a week or two, a man using this product would have an increased daily libido.

Max Performer Pros and Cons

Max Performer
The Good
  • Results guaranteed
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Its ability to increase sexual vigor is backed by multiple user reviews
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
The Bad
  • Only available in online stores

2. VigRx Plus

This is a popular brand recognized by many users of male enhancement pills. It is manufactured by a Canadian company, Leading Edge Health. The focus of this sex pill is to repair low libido or improve your sexual drive. It has been specially formulated to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your sexual life.

Ingredients used: Bioperine, Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Asian Red Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Ginko Biloba, Saw Palmetto, and Catuaba Bark Extract. These are herbal ingredients that do not cause any form of side effect.

One outstanding attribute of ViagRx Plus is that it has been tested clinically and found to be an effective male enhancement supplement with no side effects.

How It Works

The potent herbal extracts found in the product carry aphrodisiac traits, which aid in the vasodilation of blood vessels. 

The product has nitric oxide, which serves to calm the tissues around the penis. The effect of this ingredient is that it leads to blood rush to the male organ causing a strong erection. Ingredients with aphrodisiac traits, on the other hand, keep on pushing blood to the male organ, ensuring that the erection lasts longer.

Pros and Cons of ViagRx Plus 

VigRx Plus
The Good
  • Made from a  perfect mix of both traditional and modern recipes that are effective in stimulating sexual drive
  • It is clinically tested and approved
  • All-natural and does not pose any health risks
  • Permanent results guaranteed within the first three months of usage
  • 40-day money-back guarantee 
The Bad
  • Results are only forthcoming for regular users

3. Male Extra 

This male enhancement pill is manufactured by a Cyprus-based company known as Vobue Limited. The product has what it takes to elate your confidence, which is essential for good sex. The pill not only makes the boner rise but also keeps it firm for long. Those who have given Male extra a try in the past can attest to the fact that the results last considerably long. 

Ingredients used: L-arginine HCL, L-Methionine, Niacin, Pomegranate, Cordyceps, Methy Sulfonyl Methane, and Zinc. All these are natural ingredients that do not have side effects on the user.

How It Works

The ingredients used in Male Extra solving a variety of deficiencies that affect your stamina in bed. This way, this product boosts your member’s health and its readiness to your masculine functions when duty calls. The product aims to provide a balance between cell growth and performance.

Male Extra Pros and Cons

Male Extra
The Good
  • Made out of natural ingredients, thus, no expected side effects
  • It triggers the secretion of testosterone
  • The ingredients used have been proved scientifically to be effective in giving great results
  • Works to increase stamina
The Bad
  •  It is a bit pricey, though worth it.

4. Extenze

Extenze is a famous pill in male enhancement circles, primarily for its ability to provide men with the dimensions they have always been craving for. It has a rich formulation that ensures you do not suffer from side effects when using male enhancement pills.

Extrenze’s Ingredients: Korean Ginseng Extract, Pregnenolone, L-Arginine HCL, Xanthroparmelia Scarbrosa, GABA, Black Pepper, Velvet Deer Antler, Pumpkin Seed, Ho Shou Wu Extract, and Damiana Root.

All these ingredients are 100% natural and do not have serious side effects.

How Extenze Works 

The ingredients used in the manufacture of this product work to excite the brain to cause a reaction that triggers the flow of blood to the penile area. The result of the brain directing more flow of blood in the penis is a strong erection.

Extenze’s Pros and Cons

The Good
  • Made from natural ingredients. Thus, users are safe from side effects
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • It is a natural aphrodisiac
  • Besides improving a man's sex drive, it also prevents hair loss.
The Bad
  • The company is relatively new in the market, making it hard to get valuable feedback from users.

5. Rizer XL

This is one of the best sex pills that you can use to improve your sex life. The pill is capable of sustaining your daily sexual desires and ensure that both you and your partner are having a good time. Rizer XL also works well to boost semen production during sexual intercourse.

Rizer XL”s Ingredients: L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Damiana, Hawthorn Berry, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Tribulus Terrestris.

How It Works 

The natural ingredients used in the manufacture of this product are responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body. This helps in widening the blood vessels to allow the blood to flow freely to the penile area. The sudden surge of blood in the penis chambers makes the penis erect.

Rizer XL’s Pros and Cons

Rizer XL
The Good
  • One starts noticing significant improvements within a week of using the pills
  • Enhances sexual performance and stamina
  • Awakens your nervous system and keeps it active
  • The ingredients used are natural and have no reports of serious side effects
  • It relieves stress as you enjoy sex.
The Bad
  • The size of the pill is slightly big. You have to be careful when swallowing it to avoiding choking yourself.

How We Ranked 

In ranking the best male enhancement supplements 2020, we considered a wide range of factors. Some of the factors we considered include FDA approval, the safety of pills, and the list of ingredients. We also considered what customers had to say about the products, thus, relied on products with positive and verified testimonials and reviews. It is worth noting, however, that there is no absolute winner considering that each male enhancement product reviewed here provides distinct benefits. 

Beginners Guide to Male Enhancement Pills

If you are new in the use of male enhancement, this guide will benefit you, for we have prepared a list of the most important things that you need to know as well as tips for good sex.

Benefits of using Male Enhancement Pills

  • You get an increased libido that makes you always ready for sexual intercourse
  • It allows you to experiment on new sex techniques because you enjoy both performance and durability
  • Eliminates erectile dysfunction issues
  • A significant boost in your sexual stamina that can allow you to last all night
  • Combats fatigue to ensure that you are ready to rock her in her climax
  • Boosts your confidence since you can rock all night
  • Increases your semen production
  • Increases your sperm rate
  • Stronger erections

With all these benefits, you can be sure that both you and her (mostly her) will enjoy the intercourse. These pills are a great solution to your boring bedtimes, for they can guarantee you intense sessions that redefine your sex life. If you are looking for the towers of ecstasy, then look no further than the male enhancement pills.

Again, you need to remain aware of the fact that not all male enhancement pills work to provide the desired results. A little research, like the one we’ve done here, will help you gain knowledge that can assist you in differentiating working from fake sex pills.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

It is common to hear of people exaggerating the working nature of male enhancement pills. The basis of the exaggeration is simply based on the fact that some male enhancement pills work. However, you need to set aside the chaff from the wheat before buying any male enhancement product in 2020.

The promise that you get from the most male enhancement pills might be a little bit exaggerated but true. If you find an excellent male enhancement pill that has ingredients approved by the FDA, you will be surprised at how useful such a product can be. FDA-approved pills have medical approval from the top practitioners in this field.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

An obvious concern that you will always encounter when talking about sex pills is their safety. So, we must start by clarifying that not all male enhancement pills are safe. Unfortunately, Some enhancement pills still sell besides having been proven to be not so good. Thus, you can not overlook the importance of doing due diligence on your part.

FDA approved male enhancement pills, however, live to their expectations. The reason why we recommend FDA approved products with GMP certification is that they are safe. When you use these products, you don’t have to worry about your safety, for the government has assured you through FDA that they are safe.

Are Male Pills Better than Surgery?

Without a doubt, we believe that male pills are better than surgery. However, with all honesty, we think that that surgery could have a better effect on achieving maximum erections. The only thing that surgery does is to correct the size. However, it rarely addresses your stamina or firmness of your erections, which are KING in bed.

The performance of a man in bed is still dependant on his ability. This is why male enhancement pills are considered better than surgery. The pills not only improve the size of the penis but also boost libido and stamina, which are needed to boost your performance in bed.

Furthermore, the invasive nature of surgical procedure places you at risk of the following:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Penis deformation
  • Reduced size of the penis

Honestly speaking, you don’t need surgery if you do not have a natural defect experienced at birth. Otherwise, you will be risking a lot going in for surgery while you can easily achieve your desired results using safe male enhancement pills.

Does Size Really Matter?

This unending debate that doesn’t seem to any time end soon. However, men and women alike know that the size of the penis plays a significant factor contributing to performance, though not always. It is also a defining factor in men’s self-confidence, which is a huge consideration in a man’s sexual life.

One question that most men always seek a definite answer is regarding the expected size of a man’s penis. While there can’t be an exact figure, research has put 5 inches (13 cm) as the accepted standard size of a man’s penis (when erect). Therefore, you may need to consider using other means to boost your length if yours is lesser than this.

Perception of Penis Size

This is a discussion that you need to have with your partner. You don’t have to worry if you have a small penis size, especially if you have the stamina to make your penis firm. Furthermore, different sexual positions can lead to sexual satisfaction, even with a tiny penis. Thus, all you need to use your strengths. Albeit, you might also use some male enhancement products, which promise to better your size.

Best Over-the-Counter Penis Pills

When determining which penis pills are safe for use, you should rely on the list of ingredients as your ultimate guide. This is because the ingredients are what define how the product works. So, we advise that you go for penis pills that have ingredients approved by the FDA.

Common Male Enhancement Procedures 

Several techniques and procedures have proven over time to be capable of improving the size of the penis, thus, influencing the performance of a man in bed. Here are some of the techniques backed by science:

  • Pills: They are manufactured using herbs, minerals, and hormones that are capable of enlarging the size of the penis. Just remember that not all male enhancement pills are safe, though the ones we’ve listed here are very safe and free from side effects.
  • Penis extenders: These are mechanical devices that use traction force for penis enlargement.
  • Vacuum pumps: They are designed to swell the penis by drawing blood to this area.
  • Penis exercises: Many penile exercises help in increasing the size of a penis with jelqing as one of the most popular ones.

When used effectively, these techniques may add you up to 2 inches.

Natural Male Enhancement Foods (Penis Foods)

If you desire to experience an improved sexual drive, performance, size, and stamina, then you should change your diet and start consuming penis food. Here are some of the best penis food that fight erectile dysfunction:

  • Leafy greens: They help in improving blood circulation around the penile area, thus, boosting erection.
  • Banana: It is rich in potassium, which helps to pump the blood to the penis area.
  • Dark chocolate: The ingredients used contain flavonoids that help in reducing blood pressure while boosting circulation.
  • Chili peppers: They are great in exciting your sex life as they have chemical capsaicin, which is known for boosting libido.
  • Pistachios: These nuts are rich in protein that helps the blood circulation.
  • Oyster and shellfish: Contains zinc, which helps improve the levels of testosterone.
  • Watermelon: Though it has 92% water, the remaining 8% has wonder nutrients that work like Viagra. They help to relax the blood vessels and cause effective blood flow in the body.
  • Tomatoes: Tomato salad help in boosting erections and sexual desire.
  • Red wine: Unlike other alcoholic products, red wine is a powerful aphrodisiac that helps in promoting stronger erections and increased libido.

Things that Might Help Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are a few things that you can consider doing as a way of improving your sex life.

Effective Communication

Always talk to your partner about your sex life. It may be a little difficult, but it helps to solve your sex problems. You’ll be surprised to know that there are better ways of making your partner happy than just enlarging your penis.

Talk to your Doctor

Talking about your sex life to a stranger may be uncommon but could be the solution you are lacking. If you are faced with erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor about it, and he/she will help you to make informed decisions afterward.

Hit The Gym

When you exercise more, you all your body to open the blood vessels and improve blood flow, which is essential for good sex.

Final Thoughts

Sexual dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of when you know that that are many ways of handling it. With the information that we have provided, we are confident that you have learned the importance of remaining open about your sex life with your sex partner.

Always remember that different problems have different solutions, which makes it essential to examine your problem and forge a perfect way forward. The products and tips highlighted above are your perfect companion to restoring an exciting sex life that will make your life much better.