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HCG1234 Supplements

HCG1234 Review

HCG1234 refers to a weight loss supplement, which increases the amount of HCG hormone in the body that helps to burn unwanted fats. According to the manufacturer, Creative Bioscience, the product only burns fats and helps to preserve lean muscle. Just like all other HCG drops, HCG1234 has to be used alongside a restrictive diet for the best results. The manufacturer has done a few things to make HCG1234 quite different from other HCG drops. For starters, the formula used is a bit different regarding the number and quantities of ingredients used. The caloric diet restrictions are also a bit different compared to what is recommended for other drops.

HCG1234 Ingredients


Niacin, which is more commonly known as vitamin B3, is a nutrient found in your regular daily diet. It mainly helps in the production of energy from the foods that you eat. It also helps to keep the entire digestive system healthy.


This ingredient helps with the oxidation of fats. The more the fats are oxidized, the more calories you will burn, and hence, the more weight you will lose.


L-ornithine is a type of amino acid, which mainly helps to boost stamina, strength, and endurance. It also helps to increase the energy levels in the body.


This ingredient helps in the process of burning fats. It can also help with muscle growth.

Maca Root

Another HCG1234 ingredient is an extract from the maca root. The extract is known to help increase the levels of energy in some individuals.


This is another type of amino acid, which is quite critical when it comes to the process of muscle recovery. It helps quite a lot after a strenuous activity such as a weight lifting or a workout session when the muscles need to recover.

Rhodiola Extract

The ingredient helps to boost endurance and stamina.


This beta-amino acid occurs naturally. It helps to increase performance during an exercise session.


Astragalus is a medicinal herb, which has quite a long history of being used to help with the growth of new tissues in the body.

The Good
  • Works quite fast when used with the right diet
  • Gives your body a beautiful figure
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases your body's energy and athletic ability
  • FDA approved
The Bad
  • It is a bit pricey compared to other options

How to Use HCG1234

For the first phase, you should take only three drops each day. After the first phase, you should increase the intake to ten drops per day. Make sure that you schedule the time for taking the drops to coincide with your mealtimes.

Ideally, you should take the drops after you wake up and about an hour before you eat your lunch and supper. The proper way of using HCG1234 is by placing the drops under your tongue. Do not swallow for an entire minute to allow the drops to be absorbed. After a minute, you can swallow the liquid that remains.

There are different phases that you have to go through while taking HCG1234 drops. When you purchase the drops, you will get an instruction booklet that will work as your guide through all the phases. The instructions are quite easy to follow, despite there being many rules and restrictions.

  • Phase #1 – Take the HCG1234 drops for the first two days. The phase is mainly meant to determine whether the drops are right for your body. You should also consume calorically dense foods during those two days.
  • Phase #2  -Change your diet to one that has fewer calories. As stated earlier, the number of calories in your diet should be between 1200 calories and 1500 calories per day. You should maintain the low-calorie diet from day 3 to day 34.
  • Phase #3- The third phase begins on day 35. It mainly focuses on leveling out the diet and reintroducing foods that are more calorically dense. The fourth and final phase is also called the maintenance phase. You are required to maintain a healthy diet to ensure that you do not regain the weight lost.

Recommended Diets for HCG1234

A majority of other HCG drops usually recommend a diet that is restricted to 500 calories. Ideally, consuming fewer calories is always a good idea for anyone looking to lose weight, but starving yourself may present other health issues. The manufacturer of HCG1234 took that into account when coming up with the diet plan. The diet recommended limits you to a daily intake of 1200 to 1500 calories. The types of food that you should consume also have some restrictions. For example, you should stay away from snacks and processed foods.

Is HCG1234 Effective?

HCG1234 does work, but the results usually vary quite a lot among different people. Given that the diet is not as restrictive as those of other HCG drops, some credit has to be given to the formula used in the drops. However, there have not been many clinical tests conducted to prove the effectiveness of the product yet. A majority of the ingredients used in the formula are known to help in fat burning and weight loss, but given the quantities of the ingredients in the drops is not known, determining the effectiveness is a bit of a challenge.

Relation of HCG1234 and Weight Loss

Creative Bioscience claims HCG1234 supplement is among the quickest and most effective ways to lose extra body weight. The amount of weight that you will lose by the time you get to phase four will depend on various factors. Examples include the weight at which you are in when starting the program, the number of calories you consume in your diet, genetics, and physical activities that you engage in, among others.

HCG1234 helps to curb cravings and prevent hanger pangs, meaning that you will not struggle much to fulfill the dietary requirement. It also increases your energy, allowing you to do a lot more regarding physical activities. All those factors combine to result in significant weight loss during each day of phase two.

Side Effects of HCG1234

Different individuals are likely to experience different side effects. Most of the side effects of HCG1234 are caused by the significant reduction of calories in the diet. They include fatigue, irritability, sluggishness, restlessness, and lack of sleep. You might also experience brain fog from time to time. In case you experience any unusual side effects, you should discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.


HCG1234 drops do help with weight loss, which means that what the manufacturer claims are valid. Most of the ingredients used are natural, which seems to go down well with many customers. There might not be many clinical tests to prove its effectiveness, but there are many positive reviews and testimonials from individuals who have found success using HCG1234.