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Old man lifting weights

Bodybuilding Tips for Older Men

Older men are also capable of building muscles, even though sarcopenia is accelerated by age. Sarcopenia refers to the loss of muscle mass, which starts in men at the age of around 40years. It is usually caused by a reduction in growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body, among various other things. Bodybuilding at an older age comes with a variety of both physical and health benefits. A few bodybuilding tips for older men are highlighted below.

Always Take Precautions

Bodybuilding at an older age comes with various risks. For example, it will take a lot longer for an older man to heal if he gets an injury compared, compared to a younger man. There are also increased risks of joint problems and cardiovascular disease. It is thus essential that you consult your physician before starting on any bodybuilding program to ensure that you are fit for it. That is more of the case if you have a medical history of heart problems. Only proceed after you get approval from your physician.


Bodybuilding requires a lot of exercises, done regularly. Before you engage in any workout activity, ensure that you do enough warm-up exercises. The warm-up should comprise of a 15-minute cardiovascular routine, which will help to exercise the lungs and heart. The warm-up session should also include stretches, which help to loosen muscles and joints in preparation for the muscle-building workouts. A little bit of cardio as warm-up exercises also help with fat loss, which helps to make the muscles a lot more visible.

Choose Free Weights over Machines

Generally, free weights are a lot more effective in muscle building compared to resistance machines. That is because free weights engage a lot more muscle growth compared to machines. Free weights engage more muscle fiber to move them through a given range of motion. Resistance machines balance a lot of the weight for you. If you are not strong enough, you can start with the resistance machines and then proceed to the free weights as you get stronger over time.

Choose the Right Exercises

Not all forms of weight lifting exercises are recommended for muscle building for older men. There are some which might cause more harm than benefits, which are not recommended. There are particular bodybuilding workout programs designed specifically for older men, of which you can take advantage. Also, choose the exercises that target the specific muscles that you want to grow. If you want a more muscular arm, for example, you can choose workouts that work out the biceps and triceps.

Consume the Right Foods

To build more muscle mass, you have to switch your diet to one that promotes muscle building. For that, you need to add more healthy proteins to your diet because protein is essential for muscle building. You also need to ensure that your meals contain all the other essential nutrients necessary for good health.  Carbohydrates should be in minimal amounts in all your meals. That is because it extra carbs are always stored as fat in the body, which counters your bodybuilding efforts.