HCG Triumph Review

HCG triumph productsHCG Triumph drops are weight loss oral droplets that are manufactured by a company called Triu Naturals. These oral droplets are among the most effective of all weight loss products that they produce. There are three different brands for HCG Triumph, which are Original, Hormone-Free, and Blue.

The hormone-free brand is designed to be used by individuals who are unable to use the hormone for whatever reason. The other types of HCG Triumph Contain a real HCG hormone that results from homeopathic methods. That makes it a useful and non-harmful way of losing bodyweight quickly. The Drops are also approved by the FDA, which gives users a lot more confidence to use it regarding safety.

Top Reasons Why People Use HCG Triumph

HCG Triumph has been a top seller for quite a long time, with a high percentage of users giving positive feedbacks and reviews based on their experience. That means that the product does work as promised by the manufacturer. With the correct usage, you are guaranteed to lose a minimum of 20 pounds within 26 days.

The formula used to make HCG Triumph drops includes real HCG, which is certified by the FDA. The formula also includes other selected high-quality ingredients that ensure high potency and effect.

HCG Triumph also supplies other products that are designed to help you through the entire dieting process. For example, they sell appetite suppressants that keep hunger away and enhance metabolism, flavor enhancers to add to water, and sugar-free gums.

Contents of the HCG Triumph Kit

The HCG Triumph 26 kit is designed to last you through the 26 days of the program. It contains one ounce of HCG Triumph diet drops, liquid vitamin B12 complex, measuring tape, oral syringe, and the official HCG Triumph booklet that contains all the information and instructions of usage. HCG Triumph 40 kit contains everything that is included in the HCG Triumph 26 kit, but the HCG diet drops are two ounces instead of one.

The Good
  • The product is safe to use, with the main ingredient being a hormone that is produced naturally in pregnant women.
  • Works relatively fast compared to competing products
  • It does not result in any known adverse side effects.
  • Contains L-Arginine, which helps with muscle nutrition and boosts your energy levels
  • It also helps to improve sleep quality
The Bad
  • Cost of purchase might be an issue, but it high prices are justified by its effectiveness

HCG Triumph Pros

  • Offers a Variety of Options

Another top pro for HCG Triumph is that you can get various options to suit your particular needs and preferences. The company has tailored its packages to suit different weight loss goals.

The first option is the mini kit, which allows you to lose up to about ten pounds. HCG Triumph 26 allows you to lose a lot more weight within 26 days. For those who intend to lose a lot of weight, HCG Triumph 40 kit will be the right choice. You also get a 7-day free trial for you to be sure that the product will offer the results that you desire.

  • Does Not Contain Caffeine

HCG Triumph does not contain any caffeine content, which is usually quite dangerous for individuals that experience ulcers or hyperacidity.

  • Suitable for Both Men and Women

The product is entirely safe to use for both persons of either gender, with no significant effects. You, however, should note that the results might vary among different individuals, but not because of gender.

  • Helps with Dieting

HCG Triumph diet drops not only helps to burn calories and fats but also helps to minimize the desire to eat. That means that maintaining the recommended diet will be a lot easier. Once you are used to a lean diet during the duration of the program, you will be able to maintain a healthy diet even after you are done with the program.

  • Impressive Customer Service

The company behind HCG Triumph boasts of offering the best customer services in comparison to those of its competitors. There are experienced specialists always available to answer any questions that you may have at any time of the day and day of the week.

Cons of HCG Triumph

  • There are no warranties offered after the first seven days. A majority of the competitors usually provide a money-back guarantee for the entire duration of the program.
  • The price tag is a bit on the higher side, especially for the big kit.
  • The product is sold as part of a bundle. You cannot buy the HCG drops without the other parts of the package.

How HCG Triumph Works

The human body usually has structural body fats, reserve fats, and excessive fats. HCG Triumph diet drops help to do away with the fats that are unnecessary in the body. It works by activating the fats stored away by the body and triggers the body to use it for energy as opposed to using the food that you consume.

It also helps to suppress appetite, ensuring that you do not consume more calories than is recommended for the diet. The drops also help to boost metabolism. All those effects result in quick weight loss.

Given that HCG Triumph contains real HCG hormone, the drops increase the levels of HCG hormone in the body. HCG hormone is responsible for regulating various other hormones, including those responsible for activating fat metabolism. The overall result of increased HCG hormone levels in the body is reduced fat cells, increased energy levels, healthier immune systems, and suppressed appetite.

Main HCG Triumph Ingredients


Inclusion of L-carnitine in HCG Triumph helps to boost the fat-burning process. This ingredient is a type of amino acid. It is usually found in a majority of the foods that we regularly consume, such as meat and pineapples.


This ingredient is known to improve blood circulation. It is commonly used as part of treatment for erectile dysfunction and to prevent heart diseases. That means that using HCG Triumph for weight loss also comes with the benefit of improved heart health.


L-ornithine is also an amino acid, usually found in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy. It helps with muscle recovery after strenuous physical activities or workouts and boosts energy as well.


This essential amino acid helps to increase concentration levels, alertness, and memory, especially when experiencing stress.


Lysine helps to boost the function of the immune system. It also helps to improve blood sugar, reduce stress, and enhance athletic performance.


The formula used in HCG Triumph diet drops does help quite a lot with weight loss. Coupled with the recommended changes in diet, you are guaranteed to lose quite a lot of weight within a short time and avoid the numerous health issues that come with being overweight. The price tag is relatively higher, but it is worth investing in it.