Anumed HCG E-Drops Review

Anumed HCG E-Drops ingridientsAnumed is the company that manufactures Anumed HCG E-Drops. The company is known for developing and manufacturing a wide range of homeopathic products such as stevia, skincare products, and dietary supplements.

It is based in the United States, which is a good indication of the safety and quality standards that their products fulfill. The company supplies all its products across the globe, which means anyone in the world can have access to them.

Anumed HCG E-Drops are among the most successful products manufactured by the company. The drops, just like all other HCG drops available in the market, are primarily used to help with weight loss. Anumed drops are particularly more beneficial to individuals whose extra body weight came about as a result of poor eating habits, hormone imbalance, slow metabolism, and menopause.

Anumed HCG E-Drops Ingredients

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

Anumed e-drops contain HCG, which is a certified human USP grade. The HCG is made in a laboratory using sterile cells that are not extracted from animals or humans.


This ingredient plays an essential role in the conversion of fats into energy. It works by helping the mitochondria to deal with the fats that come from the foods you consume. Additionally, it helps to boost endurance and stamina.


This ingredient mainly helps with the regulation of hormones and blood sugar. It also plays a role in the synthesis of proteins and prevents wastage of body tissue. Overall, it helps to decrease body fat and build lean muscles.


It mainly helps to maintain muscle mass. It does so by releasing growth hormones and boosting the immune system. The combination of L-arginine and L-Ornithine in the e-drops makes the product very effective regarding weight loss. L-ornithine also helps to eliminate excess nitrogen and cleanse the body.

How Anumed HCG E-Drops Work

The homeopathic e-drops mainly rely on the HCG diet to make it effective, just as with all other HCG products. The drops work by activating the body to use the fat deposits stored in it as a source of energy as opposed to the calories that you consume in food. There is no workout needed for the body to burn fat. The result is that you lose a significant amount of weight by the time you complete the HCG diet program.

The drops also suppress appetite. That makes the HCG diet easier for those using the drops than those who diet without using the drops. This comes in handy, especially for the individuals whose body weight issues are a result of poor eating habits.

Anumed HCG E-Drops
The Good
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Budget-friendly
  • Does not have adverse side effects
  • Subdues cravings for food
  • Improves quality of sleep
The Bad
  • The complete list of ingredients has not been offered on the official website

Where to Buy Anumed E-Drops

You can buy the product from a majority of the stores that sell supplements across the entire world. However, there is a possibility that you might get counterfeit products that will not be effective regarding weight loss. For that reason, the manufacturer recommends buying directly from the official website of the company. That way, you can be sure of getting genuine products and enjoying the best prices. You can even get some promotional deals to make the product even cheaper for you.

How to Take Anumed HCG E-Drops

To take the HCG drops, you should place the required number of drops under the tongue and avoid swallowing for about a minute. For the first two days of starting the program, you should begin by taking five to eight drops each day. During that period, you should load up on fatty foods. From day 3 to day 40, take five to eight drops of Anumed e-drops, three times per day. During that time, you should limit our diet to a maximum of 500 calories per day. If you reach your target weight before day 40, you should continue to take the drops, but increase your calorie intake by about 300 calories. For the final phase, stop taking the drops and introduce starches and sugar into our diet gradually.

Top Benefits of Using Anumed HCG E-Drops

  • Helps With Weight loss

Weight loss is probably the most obvious benefit of using Anumed HCG drops. By following all the instructions and guidelines recommended for the entire time that you use the drops, you are guaranteed to lose quite a significant amount of weight. The weight loss will occur within a short time, with some individuals claiming to lose more than two pounds each day of the program.

  • Subdues Food Cravings

Another benefit of using Anumed E-drops is that it helps to reduce appetite and food cravings. That means that it allows you to maintain the recommended diet within the entire duration of the program without any struggle. It will also be a lot easier for you to maintain a healthy diet even after completion of the program as your body and mind will be well-conditioned for that. That will ensure that you do not regain the extra bodyweight that you will lose.

  • Improves Sleep Quality

Some of the ingredients in Anumed HCG e-drops will help you to sleep much better. Having a quality sleep each night comes with numerous other health benefits, both physical and mental.

  • Increases Energy Levels

When using Anumed e-drops, you will experience an increase in energy despite the limited number of calories that you will be consuming each day. That is because fats are known to produce more energy when utilized by the body. That means that you will also experience less fatigue as you lose weight.

It is important to note that different individuals may experience different levels and a number of benefits by using the drops. The variation is caused by factors such as starting weight, lifestyle, and physical activities that you engage in during the duration of the program.

Cons of Anumed HCG E-Drops

  • It is Quite Expensive

Anumed e-drops are very costly compared to other effective weight loss products. The price makes it inaccessible to individuals who do not have deep pockets.

  • Has Few Active Ingredients

The drops are quite expensive, yet they contain only three active ingredients. The ingredients have been tested and proven to be effective in weight loss.


Anumed HCG E-Drops are among the most popular HCG products in the market, despite the fact that it might not be the most effective when compared to other weight loss products because of the limited number of ingredients that make up the formula, but it does help with weight loss. The company behind the product also has an excellent reputation for high quality, which is probably among the main factors that make Anumed HCG e-drops very popular.